Rapid Marketing Research

Rapid Marketing Research Faster Go-to-Market is need of the hour and ‘Start-up’ ethos is the new survival kit. Speed is the new currency; however there needs to be enough depth to make sound decisions.

We embrace this challenge to deliver insights which supports a leaner yet cost effective learning curve.

We have two very innovative and fast solutions for helping you with faster go-to-market:


Rapid Marketing Research U&A:

Rapid Marketing Research U&A: Often U&A are All Inclusive survey tools, on which general queries are parked. There is no clear vision on Desired Outcomes This results in a lot of ‘good to know’ information which is not actionable…

Our new approach of Iterative Learning for Usage & Attitude Studies is Fresh, Unique & Cost Efficient. We integrate Survey Data, Existing Data Assets & Immersive Delivery to provide actionable insights.



Agile. Iterative. Cheaper

Rapid Marketing Research  Innovation Testing:

Rapid Marketing Research New Consumer Reality requires rethink on ‘conventional wisdom’ for Innovation Testing. According to recent publications, less than 5% of innovations launched are Breakthrough in nature. That is why PWC found that CEOs are now taking personal responsibility for directing and inspiring innovation as it becomes a competitive necessity.

We can help develop winning propositions, powered by proven driver metrics and world class modelling expertise. Our Concept Screening tool delivers results in HALF time & HALF Cost! The study will be done online and based on our proprietary innovation testing tool. We help prioritize & optimize innovation routes for successful launches in shortest time!

IdeasR: Early Stage

Idea Screening tool to kick start successful innovation process

ConceptR: Concept Screening tool helps prioritize & optimize innovation routes

Rapid Innovation Testing:
Key Outputs:

Our metrics are well established in the industry and widely used by clients to make decisions about their mixes.

Our benchmarking system is designed to be current and in-market comparison rather the relying on databases. We compare Test Score with Market Leader score and the difference is performance indicator.

Key Outputs:

Performance Score:

Given on a score of 0-100, with signal lighting system (Red, Amber and Green) to determine overall performance of the innovation


Relevance, Uniqueness and Value for Money along with Purchase Intention & Believability

Message Hierarchy:

We determine Message Hierarchy by identifying words and messages DRIVING key performance metrics; Relevance, Differentiation and Value for Money.