Emotion Marketing Research

Emotion Marketing Research Measuring Consumer Emotions is Powerful

More than 90% of our decisions are based on emotions. We measure human emotional response in Real Time through Facial Expressions coding using a simple webcam. We augment this with survey data to analyze & deliver deep consumer insights.

We identify human emotional response for Advertising, Product & Pack tests

We measure:

Six basic emotions: Happiness, Surprise, Confusion, Sadness, Disgust, Scared

Four Emotional metrics: Satisfaction, Activation,   Engagement and Experience

Eye Tracking: Deliver heat maps to understand areas of attention

 Facial Action Coding System:

Our software captures expressions of any face and face analysis algorithm transforms  data into emotional analysis.


We measure Shopper Attention and Emotional Engagement while in-store

Given the large volume of stimuli to which the consumer is faced at the point of sale, it’s essential to know what is the visual impact of the products as well as the advertising elements associated with these spaces. Facial coding technology measures shopper’s reaction at the Point of Sale and translates it into data of 6 basic emotions and 4 emotional metrics. It also counts shoppers and measure Socio-Demographics (Age/gender etc).
Results are shared with the client on a Real Time, cloud-based dashboard where they can access to valuable actionable information.