Digital Marketing Research

Digital Marketing Research We need to research consumers as they live today not like they have lived in the past! By the year 2020, there will a whole generation who has grown up as connected. Trying to engage with this generation through traditional research methods will simply not work.

We have two exciting and innovative services that can bring better and deeper insights using digital technology.


Online Communities

All in one Research Solution!

Digital Communities is the new way to engage with consumers. It allows participants to provide feedback (Qual+Quant) on diverse topics, engage through various activities (polls, gamification etc) initiated by the community manager/moderator and respond to stimulus. Our technology helps your organisation genuinely collaborate with your customers.

Communities can be setup for different time periods; from a few days to several months based on project requirements and engagement activities. Our Market Research experts setup, moderate and run the communities throughout this period. Once data is collected (Qual & Quant), we will analyse it and provide actionable insights for our clients to take business decisions.


Social Listening:

Using AI, we focus on Digital Trails to understand sentiments, trends and opinions through
Social Listening. It can be used to gather:

  • Brand Chatter
  • Customer Sentiments
  • Future Trends
  • Competitor Analysis

We have our proprietary AI algorithms, enabling scrapping the web for desired content. This is then analysed and presented back to the client with a strong story line. The key idea is to tap into unsolicited consumer conversations and craft a clear way forward based on chatter online.

Our solution can apply across variety of sectors; FMCG, Automotive, Banking, Telcom and many others. We cover both English and Arabic languages when covering social conversations using Natural Language Processing (NLP). We monitor consumer’s online presence and surface actionable insights.

Using our expertise, we can track views, likes, favorites, replies, retweets and shares from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to provide high level business intelligence and trends analysis. Analyse trending topics by vertical as they heat up and cool off in real-time, to see how conversation spreads.