Marketing Research services

Alsiham has entered into a strategic partnership with SpectrumR, a strategic Market Research and Data Analytics consultancy with head office in the UK. Our mission is to help clients grow their business through Innovative and TECH fused solutions. 

We understand that speed, cost efficiency and modern insight generation methods is need of the hour. With our partnership, we intend to introduce the most advanced research and insights tools in KSA, to bring a step change in the research industry.

– Our aim is to provide clients a comprehensive research solution that is coherent to their research objectives for market planning, strategizing and sales growth opportunities.

– Innovative data collection technology and techniques are used for interviewing the general public (B2C) and Business-to-Business customers (B2B) through qualitative and quantitative research.

– A highly capable and experienced team of passionate researchers, moderators, field managers, supervisors and interviewers with over 10 to 15 years of experience shared between them are available to carry out market research in the most articulate manner.

Marketing Research AlSham INT Company in Saudi Arabia

Marketing Research services

Rapid Marketing Research

Rapid Research Faster Go-to-Market is need of the hour and ‘Start-up’ ethos is the new survival kit. Speed is the new currency; however there needs to be enough depth to make sound decisions.

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Digital Marketing Research

Using AI, we focus on Digital Trails to understand sentiments, trends and opinions through Social Listening

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Emotion Marketing Research

We measure human emotional response in Real Time through Facial Expressions coding

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Special Marketing Research Services

We have extensive knowledge and competitive advantage in carrying out industrial products research.

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Quantitative Research Expertise

Researchers and interviewers have extensive experience in designing quantitative research and questionnaire.

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Qualitative Marketing researchers

Qualitative researchers and moderators have extensive experience designing studies and discussion guides.

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Quality Controls Methods

Quantitative Studies
Quantitative Studies
    • Interviewers training sessions by field manager for thorough understanding of the objectives and questionnaires.
    • Pilot interviews.
    • Accompanied visit by field supervisor at least for first 1 or 2 interviews.
    • At least 15% to 20% call backs on completed sample.
    • Quota management to ensure the target sample is achieved.
  • 100% logic check/scrutiny for data consistency.
Market Research and Data Analytics consultancy
Qualitative Studies
    • Project briefing with moderator.
    • Share the audio & video (only males) of the sessions.
    • Screener & profile thoroughly checked prior to the start of the session.
    • Respondents screener shared with client
    • Ensure respondents are extrovert and talkative.
  • tRecruitment, at least 2-3 days prior to the FGD/IDI.
Data Collection Tools, Analytical Reports and DashboardsWith the help of advance survey tools, data analysis and dashboards we provide comprehensive insights and recommendation.

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