ALSIHAM INT. GeoMarketing

Alsiham International is a partner of Datum company, which has big experience in the field of Geo Marketing, delivers customized solutions that provide Strategic & Tactical recommendations for your business.

ALSIHAM INT .  Geomarketing Models integrate various layers of information to offer actionable insights that give you a competitive edge in the marketplac


ALSIHAM INT. Route-to-Market Strategy

ALSIHAM INT. we believe that to complete the Route-to-Market cycle you need to identify the most effective locations and the effectient visit sequence to cover your market.

ALSIHAM INT.  Geomarketing is your one-stop service providing you with technologies that give you the location-intelligence required to reach your target customers and deliver best in class services.

ALSIHAM INT. Geo-Coding Services

Geocoding Services allow you to convert your manual textual written address into digital map layers, by turning the full address into X-Latitude and Y-Longitude GPS (Global Positioning System) points, allowing visualization & analysis of your data


AlSIHAM INT. Site-Selection Modeling Solutions

AL SIHAM INT. Site-Selection Models allow you to identify the right location for your investment, to increase your network footprint and maximize your ROI (Return On Investment), by building a dedicated Model that matches your company’s Strategy

ALSIHAM INT. Sales Territory Planning & Routing Optimization

ALSIHAM INT. Sales Solutions for Territory management and route optimization ensures you assign balanced areas to your Salesforce teams to maximize Van Drop Size and efficiently distribute your products across sales channels


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