Financial Services and Consulting

Don’t worry about you’re your Financial Position, you are in safe with us

We have everything you need : services of financial management , bookkeeping accounting and preparation of balance sheet , tax returns and monthly final reports w/ figures and logical analyzes:

  • We have a full team of qualified accountants, auditors and financial analysts to fully manage your Firm accounts
  • We have financial and management consulting to solve all expected financial and administrative problems and support decision making
  •  A good number of legal audit offices to certify your balance sheet at the best prices
  • We help you to get a financial loan and bank facilities with banks and finance companies at the best interest rate possible
  •  We help you in decisions making by conducting financial feasibility studies to evaluate your decisions before implementation
  • We can help you in the establishment of accounting section by administrative structure and the documentary cycle …etc.
  • We can supply and install all equipment you need ( computers, printers and bar-codes and professional accounting systems ..Etc.) at the lowest prices


We are here at Al-Siham International Company – a Saudi limited liability company established in 2017 – our motto is :

  • honesty in the presentation and preservation of content
  • quality in performance
  • competitive price
  • and finally the convenience of our customer

    You can contact with us on :

    Mohamed Al-Banna

    Financial Analyst

    0567759063 – 0507347560

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