We are management consultancy company founded in 2018 under the name ‘ALSIHAM INTERNATIONAL’. We work with major businesses, government entities, professional, research and educational institutions and not-for-profit organisations to help them in their strategic business planning process, guide them during implementation to achieve their business objectives to maintain a sustainable performance and competitive advantage.


Our People are our Assets:

At ideanco, we always place our people first before everything we do. We ensure that ultimate flexibility is given to our people to operate anywhere in the world and wherever they feel creative and do not have to be stuck in an office environment. We truly believe in and live by the fact that our people are our core asset and we make it our main task to ensure that they have the right creative culture to work from, follow their dreams, thrive and prosper. We also spread our passion about people to our clients to help them appreciate their core assets and benefit from the creative and synergetic skills of their own staff.


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